Reading:Automated Content Distribution : A 30-day use case

Automated Content Distribution : A 30-day use case

In this article, we’ll describe an experiment we ran during the Summer : we used Repost, our content distribution tool, to automate the social distribution of my wife’s Blog. It’s a early case-study of a strategy that lead to nearly 5K visitors over a month, without doing anything. Half of her traffic came from the tool during the Summer !

The post is split in 2 sections :

Description of the initial experiment by Tami Brehse Our Experiment and Results When you get hooked by a experiment

I am a huge fan of community. A while ago, we noticed a post by Tami Brehse (@tamibrehse) titled “I Automated My Tweets for 30 Days and This is What Happened“. I was immediately attracted by the post because it described an experiment Tami was doing manually, and that she could have done with the tool we were developing at the time.