Designing a landing page for color-blind people

As I am going on with the development of our backend and several new features, Fanny did a very great job in redesigning our homepage. We will be discussing that in a future post. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you an anecdote about the first version of our homepage. Elokenz v1 Homepage When I designed our first home, I had no real experience about how to do this kind of business. »

How much time should you spend on content creation VS amplification ?

When working on content marketing, adjusting the time you spend between creation and distribution can be difficult. In this posts, several experts give their best tips on how to choose a good balance. As you start writing blog posts and distributing on various media (social media, communities, forums…) you might wonder how to balance your efforts. Most of the content planning and analysis can be done asynchronously : planning can be done much in advance, and analysis could be scheduled regularly. »