Elokenz diary - 2019 week 42

Hi everyone, I hope you are not expecting something too formal for this blog post. My aim is to start a series about the relaunch of our startup Elokenz. My goal is to share insider view of what it is to re-build a project on the ashes of the previous version. What went wrong on the first version? Well, in the first version of Elokenz nothing really went wrong (at the time of publishing, the tool I’m talking about is still in production). »

What a Saas Publishing company would look like?

This post is part of a research series I am writing about whether or not, “SaaS Publishers” could exist and help the industry to grow. I eventually want to uncover whether there is business to be made, and if it’s the case… well, there is probably an adventure for bold people. Can a SaaS publishing company be thriving? 🤷‍♂️ If it’s the first time you read a post from this series, here is the list of other posts, I suggest you to read the first one: »

Game publishing for dummies

Let me start with an unusual introduction. This blog post is not for the casual reader. My current goal is not to teach about something I’ve learnt in several years of practice. Instead, during the recent weeks, I became more and more curious about a trend that I have only found in the “arts” (books, movies, games). This post is part of a research series I am planning to write about the work of a “Publisher”. »

Calculer la LTV d'une app B2C

Calculer la LTV d’une app est devenu l’une des premières Ă©tapes Ă  effectuer quand on aborde les problĂ©matiques de croissance (Growth). Si la littĂ©rature Ă  ce sujet abonde pour les app SaaS B2B, c’est moins souvent le cas pour les app B2C qui cumulent plusieurs petits dĂ©tails qui compliquent ce calcul. Nous allons ici tenter de calculer le revenu pour un utilisateur d’une application B2C gratuite, durant sa durĂ©e de vie (LTV). »

Google Analytics - Real-time sound notification on new visitors

Have you ever wanted Google Analytics to play a sound when a new visitor hits your site? Look no further, I have a small script for you. While I was debugging a project’s Google Analytics settings recently, I wondered if I could have a warning about when a new visitor visited the website while I was doing something else. I came up with a bookmarklet that gives superpowers to your GA setup. »

Send Offline Events to Facebook Ads using PHP

If you are using Facebook Ads, chances are that you are simply using the conversion pixel and standard events to optimize your bids. But in complexe scenarios, you cannot use live events, and you need to switch to Offline events instead. What we’re going to see here, is how to send a purchase events to Facebook, when this purchase has been created/validated manually by the admin via a back office. »

Parse and use URL parameters in Google Tag Manager

Here is a quick Google Tag Manager tip. I recently had to help a friend to set up online sales tracking on Google Analytics. My friend was using the online learning platform Teachable. Whenever someone purchased a lesson, s/he was redirected to an URL similar to the following: https://example.teachable.com/p/lesson-name?purchased=319528&purchased_course_id=012345&purchased_list_price=6800&final_price=6800&currency=EUR&user_id=5326339&email=contact%example.org&purchased_at=1497262851&is_recurring=false&tax_charge=0 For this simple context, I just wanted to push the purchase event to Google Analytics together with the purchase price. »

DĂ©velopper avec Amazon Alexa - Tutoriel

La vague d’intĂ©rĂŞt pour Amazon Alexa arrive seulement en Europe depuis 2017 alors qu’elle a dĂ©butĂ© en 2016 aux États-Unis. Dans cet article en Français, j’ai voulu vous donner quelques pistes pour commencer Ă  coder et dĂ©velopper sur cette plateforme vocale. Ceci est donc la première partie d’une sĂ©rie sur comment coder une application voice. L’avènement du Voice est Ă  prĂ©voir pour d’ici quelques mois/annĂ©es et se base principalement sur des avancĂ©es en Traitement Automatique des Langues (TAL, ou Natural Language Processing - NLP en Anglais) et sur la dĂ©mocratisation du cloud computing. »

Track our Startup

Let me tell you that writing content that will showcase your brand in a foreign language is not easy… and when you need to talk it’s even worse. If you add the fact that I am French (and you probably know how bad French are in foreign languages…) then you might understand why it took me so long to release a public video for Elokenz. However, I have wanted to share small bits of stories about how we are building Elokenz for a long time. »

A free setup for content upgrades

I love lead magnets and content upgrades. The idea that a reader could download a special content (a spreadsheet, an ebook, a pdf version of a post, …) in exchange of her email is really appealing. No need to beg with a pop up or with an interstitial. In this post, I’ll share with you the (simple) framework I am using on WordPress to gate content (ask for an email in exchange of a special content). »

How we defined the core values of our startup

After working with my co-founder, Fanny Arles, for one year, we decided that it was a good time for us to “discover” our company culture as we will soon be expanding our team and want to pave the road for the future and hire like-minded candidates. Many times companies fail not because of the product, but because of employees or the core team’s misalignment of core values. Until recently, I had only heard and read about the concept of company culture. »

Social Media Tools to automate Content Distribution

When you create content, one of the most trivial task is to share it on social networks. I bet that this is one of the first thing you do after you hit publish. However, as social networks became mainstream, the attention span has plummeted there. To make things worst, if you’re posting on Twitter, your tweet has a very short lifetime ; if you’re posting on Facebook or LinkedIn, the filtering algorithm would only deliver your post to less than 10% of your audience. »

Turning emails to html

I have recently been trying to extract an email I had created on some marketing tool to reuse it to send emails natively via my tool. I am not often working with email delivery problems or similar issues. So I faced a problem I was not expecting when trying to copy my html code. The code retrieved from my email software was not plain html. It’s actually a very easy thing to fix so this post will be very short. »