Calculer la LTV d'une app B2C

Calculer la LTV d’une app est devenu l’une des premières étapes à effectuer quand on aborde les problématiques de croissance (Growth). Si la littérature à ce sujet abonde pour les app SaaS B2B, c’est moins souvent le cas pour les app B2C qui cumulent plusieurs petits détails qui compliquent ce calcul. Nous allons ici tenter de calculer le revenu pour un utilisateur d’une application B2C gratuite, durant sa durée de vie (LTV). »

Google Analytics - Real-time sound notification on new visitors

Have you ever wanted Google Analytics to play a sound when a new visitor hits your site? Look no further, I have a small script for you. While I was debugging a project’s Google Analytics settings recently, I wondered if I could have a warning about when a new visitor visited the website while I was doing something else. I came up with a bookmarklet that gives superpowers to your GA setup. »

Parse and use URL parameters in Google Tag Manager

Here is a quick Google Tag Manager tip. I recently had to help a friend to set up online sales tracking on Google Analytics. My friend was using the online learning platform Teachable. Whenever someone purchased a lesson, s/he was redirected to an URL similar to the following: For this simple context, I just wanted to push the purchase event to Google Analytics together with the purchase price. »

How to run AB experiments with Google Analytics – Step by Step tutorial

If you are a little bit interested by digital marketing, you have probably heard of AB testing. This concept allows you to test variations on a webpage to discover which one converts better. The idea is then to run experiment after experiment to improve your conversion rate. Several amazing tools allow you to do that with very few clicks and without headaches. For instance, you can give a look at Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely or Convert. »