Elokenz diary - 2019 week 42

Hi everyone, I hope you are not expecting something too formal for this blog post. My aim is to start a series about the relaunch of our startup Elokenz. My goal is to share insider view of what it is to re-build a project on the ashes of the previous version. What went wrong on the first version? Well, in the first version of Elokenz nothing really went wrong (at the time of publishing, the tool I’m talking about is still in production). »

Track our Startup

Let me tell you that writing content that will showcase your brand in a foreign language is not easy… and when you need to talk it’s even worse. If you add the fact that I am French (and you probably know how bad French are in foreign languages…) then you might understand why it took me so long to release a public video for Elokenz. However, I have wanted to share small bits of stories about how we are building Elokenz for a long time. »