Reading:50 inventions stories

50 inventions stories

Why didn't I think of thatI just found an interesting book in Library I was working in. The book is called “Why didn’t I think of that?” and is written by A. Freeman and B. Golden.

Inside you will discover the story of 50 inventions that ‘changed’ our society. This book may contain some unknown product for non-US people (like Cuisinart,Frito-Lay, Jello …) but most of them are known worldwide.  You will discover for instance that the yoyo come from the Philippines, that the post-it was not first believed to be useful for 3M …

This portion of work has been done by Marie George Clouet CEO of Graphemeride. We're glad she accepted to appear here as a test for a new article about Linkedin. This post is to be published soon; Please be patient.

The most important aspect of this book (apart from entertaining and culture) is for entrepreneur, managers and inventors. It describes how these products gained their success instead of being just a marketing failure. A lot of examples could help your business to innovate and promote this innovation. I recommend interested people to skim through its pages. The index (in the end) is more usefull than the table of content (quite mysterious for a non-US reader).