Reading:The 30-days Startup Challenge

The 30-days Startup Challenge

I have not been writing on my blog for many months now. This was probably to learn more and more from online readings and share experience with friends. As you may know, I am still working on PhD degree (Italy//Spain) in the field of nanotechnologies. However, I recently decided to try a quick and intensive challenge. Let’s call it the «  30-days startup challenge  ».

30-days startup challenge

30-days startup challenge

The 30-days startup challenge

As you guess from the title, I will dedicate 30 days in the creation of a web startup… Well, I should say 30 evenings since my days are booked in the lab. I will try to dedicate some time after each milestone reached, to write a summary on my blog. To follow my adventures, you can register to the mailing list below.



All kind of help will be appreciated from you, so do not hesitate to comment, criticize, share, and talk about my project. At the moment the project has barely started so I don’t feel a lot of pressure, but later I guess I would be tempted to stop, so your help will be the strongest motivation I could receive.

I will try to make this experience as much pedagogical as possible. At the end of each blog post you will find a table with a summary of different numbers : time spent, money spent, money received, people involved.

Step 0  : The idea

To make a long story short, let’s summarize the project and day 0 (Monday 20th May).

First, the project has two main targets  : content producers (journalists, web copyrighter,s bloggers) and publishers/brand promoters (e-magazine, webmasters, SEO agencies, and PR agencies).

Here is the value proposition for each market segment  :

  • For writers  : Promoting your writing skills and expertise and providing you with job offers and clients
  • For publishers  : Finding the best writer for your business

This is the end of the first post. In the next post, I will explain you how I selected the name of the startup.

How to follow me

First thing is to  subscribe to the mailing list to follow the complete challenge. You can also follow me on Google+ or Twitter if you want. On twitter and Google+, please use the hashtag #30DSTART to mention the challenge. That will make conversation easier to occur.