What a Saas Publishing company would look like?

This post is part of a research series I am writing about whether or not, “SaaS Publishers” could exist and help the industry to grow. I eventually want to uncover whether there is business to be made, and if it’s the case… well, there is probably an adventure for bold people. Can a SaaS publishing company be thriving? 🤷‍♂️ If it’s the first time you read a post from this series, here is the list of other posts, I suggest you to read the first one: »

Game publishing for dummies

Let me start with an unusual introduction. This blog post is not for the casual reader. My current goal is not to teach about something I’ve learnt in several years of practice. Instead, during the recent weeks, I became more and more curious about a trend that I have only found in the “arts” (books, movies, games). This post is part of a research series I am planning to write about the work of a “Publisher”. »