Reading:Social Media Tools to automate Content Distribution

Social Media Tools to automate Content Distribution

When you create content, one of the most trivial task is to share it on social networks. I bet that this is one of the first thing you do after you hit publish. However, as social networks became mainstream, the attention span has plummeted there. To make things worst, if you’re posting on Twitter, your tweet has a very short lifetime ; if you’re posting on Facebook or LinkedIn, the filtering algorithm would only deliver your post to less than 10% of your audience.

If you want to optimize the distribution of your post to your followers, you need to counter these 3 effects. To do so, some are buying sponsored content, and some are repeating the distribution over time, to multiply the occasions to be seen. In this post we are listing tools that will help you to repost your content to social networks over time to increase your reach.