Nohup, Comsol and Matlab

When you want to use a Matlab script to perform simulations with Comsol, a remote server is often used. This post is a quick note to help you creating matlab scripts that would be run on a remote server. The strategy is the following. We will use the nohup command to let the server do the simulations while we will turn off our computer. Without the nohup, turning off your computer would result in breaking the ssh connexion, and thus, the matlab/comsol processes that were running. »

How to use the Scattered formalism using Comsol Multiphysics

After my last post about ‘getting the scattered far field using ComsolRF module ‘ a bunch of problems appeared. Actually, the definition of the incident field, using a line of current is wrong. It prevent the PML to work nicely, and thus, the overall field (and of course the scattered field) will be wrong. To correct this behaviour, one should first start a problem by using the Scattered Formalism Equation Resolution. »

How-to get the electromagnetic scattered far field using Comsol RF Module

If you use Comsol Multiphysics – RF Module, you may have noticed that there is a far field option when you edit any Boundary settings. This feature will allow you to compute the scattered far field of an object using some tricks. Initial Setting : Simple simulation using Comsol This tutorial will allow you to compute the scattered field of an ideal magnetic conducting circle in 2D. First, let’s design a square with PML around to absorb the outgoing light. »