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How to send SMS with Hubspot

Hubspot is getting more and more adopted in the world these days. This really nice marketing machine is now used by companies who are interacting with non tech-friendly customers. And when your customers are not tech-savvy you often want to replace email conversations for something more traditional like phone calls or text messages. Here I’m going to give you a short tutorial to show you how you can use SMS into a Hubspot workflow to get a better engagement.

Let’s take for instance a fitness club which needs to advertise a special event that has to happen in a few weeks. It’s quite likely that they will get a better open rate if they sens SMS to their members in addition to a traditional email.

To make the campaign a bit more complex, we will ask people to register to the event (a Hubspot landing page) to confirm their venue (attendance?). This will allow us to send a couple invitations until our contacts sign up, and it will also allow us to send an SMS before the event to reduce no-shows.

Tools we will be using

In this tutorial we will be using the following platforms:

  • Hubspot (Pro): a marketing/sales automation software. We need to have “Workflows”
  • Zapier: an API connector and automation tool
  • Twilio: an SMS provider
  • Front (optionnal): a communication hub for emails and sms

The summarized tutorial

To avoid you spend time in reading all the implementation details, I summarize here the main ideas behind the scenario.

  • We will create custom contact fields in Hubspot. One field will be keeping the textual content, the second one (boolean) will act as a trigger to send an SMS.
  • We will set up a workflow in Hubspot ; when the second field is activated, the workflow will send our contact details to Zapier via a Webhook.
  • Zapier will pre-process contacts fields to extract information like {{first_name}} or {{last_name}} from our message
  • Zapier will then send the mobile phone recipient together with the text message to Twilio
  • The SMS emission is done by Twilio
  • (Optional steps)
  • To receive and save the discussion history, we will bind Front with Hubspot

How to do that technically ?

Well, I’m updating this post in 2020, and many explaination that were described here are not valid anymore. If you want to setup a similar scenario, try to do it by following the several documentations available (HubSpot, Twilio and Zapier). Most of the steps are self explanatory but I don’t want to rewrite an article that might be deprecated in a few months.

So, good luck with the implementation, and if you need help, contact me (💵💵💵).